Qigong is about Building Energy and feeling its presence. Specialized warrior postures amplify everyone’s Qi in the room together.


We also teach Food Healing Protocols citing latest scientific studies and what has worked for tens of thousands of seminar participants.

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Breathing is the most Direct Way to Qi. 9-Breath Method works in One Minute to create powerful healing vibrations.

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Nearly everyone says Qi Revolution is life-changing. For $99 it’s a deal of a lifetime. Seating is Limited.


Jonathan Henderson is a retired Firefighter impacted heavily by the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy.

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How QIGONG HEALED a Wounded September 11th Firefighter!


Todd Nichols has shared Qigong & Power Breathing at Veteran VA Facilities 5 years!

Read His Story: by Todd Nichols
QIGONG FOR VETERANS: Why Do They Love Getting High?

qi breathing 754 perfect pushups in 2 hours
Practitioner of Qigong, Jeff Primack 700 Word Article: Natural Awakenings Magazine April 2016