QI REVOLUTION is an experiential life training in Qigong Healing, Profound Breathing Techniques, Food as Medicine, Tui Na Massage and more.

We teach breathing exercises that deliver a full body vibration in 45 seconds. Qigong greatly improves blood circulation, digestion and pain/inflammation.

We teach food protocols used successfully to reverse disease. Phytochemicals in our food are presented with the most current science.
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Qigong is easy to learn and enjoyable as a practice. All events guaranteed to inspire and dissolve stress. Daytona Beach hosts NATIONAL QIGONG EVENT with live music, guest masters of Qi and more.
Reserve Your Seats Online or Call: (800)-298-8970
Rick Agel M.D., Vascular Surgeon - Alanta, GA

“I have 30 years experience in Tai Chi/Yoga and never felt energy this
strong before. This system combines Qigong with Advanced Breathing
Exercises that I’ve found PHENOMINALLY ENERGETIC.” – Rick Agel, MD – Atlanta GA

George Munoz M.D., Physician - Miami, FL

“This is definitely the most powerful workshop I have ever a ended. The Qigong experiences were at levels that few things in life can compare to.” – George Munoz, MD