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Experts in NATURAL MEDICINE and YOGA are raving about this event. Participants receive a university-level education in Qigong and Food.

With all that’s going on in today’s world… People need to recharge and be filled with Qi. We teach breathing techniques that in just 1 minute give a vibration better than any drug.


Qigong is about Building Energy and feeling its presence. Specialized healing movements amplify everyone’s Qi in the room together.


We teach Food Healing Protocols using the latest scientific studies and what has worked for many thousands of real Qigong students.


Daytona hosts our largest Qi National Event. Imagine being with a massive group on the ocean for a weekend of high energy healing.


Nearly everyone says Qi Revolution a life-changing experience. For $99 it’s a deal of a lifetime and more fun than you can imagine.

Friday 6pm-9pm:
*Intro *Empty Force *Breath Empowerment

Saturday 9am-6pm:
*Qigong Level-1 Form *Food-Healing Science
*Nine-Breath Method *Healing Circle

Sunday 9am-6pm:
*Wuji & Level-2 Form *Tui Na Massage
*Qi Strength Training *Reflexology Massage


Jonathan Henderson is a retired Firefighter impacted heavily by the Sept 11, 2001 tragedy.

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How QIGONG HEALED a Wounded September 11th Firefighter!


Todd Nichols has shared Qigong & Power Breathing at Veteran VA Facilities 5 years!

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