Qigong is a natural way to improve healing ability. Using breath, special movements and meditation we raise energy beyond what most think possible. QI REVOLUTION was CE approved by NCBTMB in 2007 and today over 50k people have attended.

Qi Revolution is taught by two teachers. Kai Van Bodegm studied 10 years in China to master the massage & acupuncture arts. Jeff Primack has taught Qigong nationwide for 15 years and is a fiery character. His mission is to help people reconnect with their most natural and strongest self.


Friday evening begins with the ultimate energy of the “Breath Empowerment”. Our most powerful technique is first and is a euphoric experience for most people.

“Breath Empowerment is phenomenally energetic.”
– Rick Agel, MD, Physician /Tai Chi Student 30 Years


Saturday opens with Qigong level-1 form. Arms pulse with real magnetism and Qi. Blood circulation is risen to higher level.

Saturday finishes with “9-Breath Method”. Our signature breathing technique gives a truly amazing feeling of Qi in one minute. After learning the technique, we form a healing circle sending to loved ones.

Afternoon gives detailed Food Protocols used successfully to help reverse cancer, heart disease, asthma etc. Food-Healing is scientific & presented so all can digest.

“I learned more about Food Healing in 4 Hours at Qi Revolution than all my entire time in med school.”
– Claudia Gabrielle, MD Ivy League Physician


Sunday learn to recover faster in exercise. Learn HOW Qigong teachers Jeff and Kai do 500 pushups in an hour w/breath control. Grandmas and Athletes can both participate. Even handicap people do our entire seminar.


We’ve trained with skilled Reflexologists & Tui Na masters worldwide. Our unique format gives you Chinese Medicine’s best massage secrets in 3 hours. Event ends with a Wuji-style Qigong to align spine.


Jonathan Henderson is a retired Firefighter impacted heavily by the Sept 11 tragedy.

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Todd Nichols has shared Qigong & Power Breathing at Veteran VA Facilities 5 years!

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