When Big Groups Practice Qigong, it’s Electric. Qi Revolution is the Largest Focused Energy Event Teaching over 50,000 Live Attendees.

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Our Signature Technique is 9-Breath Method. People LOVE the Instant Full-Body Vibration. Stress is Vaporized and Happiness Increases.


We also Teach Food Healing Protocols citing latest Scientific Studies and what WORKED for thousands of our seminar participants.

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Qigong & Food Effectively Reverses Disease. Seating is Limited. CE Hours for Therapists. Veterans, Firefighters & Police Admitted Free.


Jonathan Henderson is a Retired Firefighter Impacted Heavily by NY Sept 11th Tragedy. He Now Teaches at All Qi Revolution Events.


Supreme Science Qigong Foundation hosted Food and Breathwork for 23 NY Firefighters. They Loved Qigong and Want More in 2017.


Todd Nichols has shared Qigong and Power Breathing at Veteran VA Facilities 5 years! Vets Love Qigong and get Free Admission.


Veterans Day Qigong Teacher Jeff Primack Performed 754 Pushups with Perfect Form. Qi Breathing Enhances ATP Recovery Time.