Music has the Power to InSpire the Heart and Awaken the Human Spirit. It is the Universal Language that transcends cultural boundaries and dogmatic beliefs. Music holds the Power to Unite people unlike any other medium. When you are focused on listening, the mind becomes quiet and Qi flows through the body.

All of our Qigong Practices, Breathwork and massage techniques are accompanied by Music that Elevates our Vibration. Certain Harmonic Frequencies and Rhythmic Patterns have the ability to Expand Consciousness and quiet the Mind. QiRev Co-founder and Maestro, Jami Deva composes, produces and mixes all the music for Qi Revolution.

Take a moment and listen to a clip from Gaia Healing below and really allow yourself to drop in and feel the vibrations of the music. Put on some headphones or on a pair of nice speakers, close your eyes, breath naturally, smile into your heart and just listen.  After the clip finishes, see what you feel like and see if you notice any shifts.